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Welcome to Cain's Mobility Kansas! Your source for Walk-In Bathtubs, Stair Lifts and Life Alert Bracelets

We’re excited that you have decided to take the first step recovering freedom for your life, or your loved one’s life! We are Cain’s Mobility Kansas, and we specialize in adding choice and freedom to the lives of thousands of gold-aged citizens across America daily.

We specialize in installing Walk-In Stair Lifts and Tubs in the dwellings of people with limited mobility, to empower them to stay longer in their very own houses, and finally feel safe using some of the more dangerous places of their homes.

Walk In Bathtubs can reduce the danger of slipping in the restroom, letting you take a bath more often

We all know that toilets are frequently the most dangerous room in any house.

With slippery surfaces, and additional water all over, it is no wonder that many older individuals fear falling and stealing in the toilet. The most dangerous part of that is getting in and outside of the bathtub.

Well with a fresh walk in bathtub from Cain’s Mobility, you no longer have to dread the bathroom, and will rest easy knowing that you will not need to get the big measure to get over the wall of the tub to take a bath or a shower anymore.

Please get a hold of one of our offices that are dedicated if you are interested in a walk in bathtub in your home.

Installing a stair lift surely can make the dreaded task of going up and down stairs much more easy

A bulk of older people mention this as their most distressing time of day, due to failing knees and hips.

However, you can beat this foe that is old with a new stair lift set up on your house. This will definitely make getting up and down the stairs fully care free and easy, and that means you can life your life more freely in the same dwelling you have lived in for years.

Not having to move away, or to a single level house from the life you know in Kansas.

Give our Kansas team a call today to learn more and get an instant quote for installation of a stair lift in your dwelling.

A Life Alert medical tracking bracelet can mean the difference between getting medical help immediately, or being stuck for days.

Is there any risk of sliding and falling, or having a heart attack or stroke?

For a lot of elderly people living alone in Kansas at home, the risk of falling and sliding, then not being able to get back up is chilling. Additionally having a stroke or a heart attack and being at home, and having no one there to call an ambulance is also quite chilling.

With am medical monitoring necklace or bracelet, you will consistently possess the ability to get in touch with Kansas medical professionals in the event of a medical emergency, so you’ll never be alone and stuck.

This can help family members stop worrying about your security, and give much more independence and liberty to live your life like regular in Kansas, knowing you will be cared for in a medical emergency.

Here are some cities in Kansas where we can get you a Life Alert bracelet